Features of RUcoin


The RUcoins are used by RU community members for RU services and to store and invest the wealth in a non-government controlled currency.

Working together, this community has designed and developed the RUcoin platform to include numerous innovative features which are not found elsewhere within the smart contract industry.

Price-Stable Crypto currencies

Decentralized Asset Exchange

 A fast and fluid trading platform

 Decentralization gives RUcoin robustness against failure.

Recurring & Scheduled Payments

 Flexible withdrawal permissions

 Each account can grant any number of withdrawal permissions to other accounts.

Referral Rewards Program

 Network growth through adoption rewards

 Financial networks derive their value primarily from their network effect.

Dynamic Account Permissions

 Management for the corporate environment

 Every account can be controlled by any weighted combination of other accounts and private keys.

User-Issued Assets

 Regulation-compatible crypto asset issuance

 The potential use cases for user-issued assets are innumerable, and the regulations that apply to each kind of token vary widely.

Transferable Named Accounts

 Easy and simple to use.

 High Security in trasactions.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus

 PoS Algorithm.

 A robust and flexible consensus protocol